Portraits of People: Shed My Skin |Marie
"Sometimes people think I'm too sensitive when I show my emotions too much...almost as if its a weakness. But I think showing emotion takes a lot of courage. People also think I'm shy, but I'm just reserved and much more of an observer."
"I think too much. I will pick apart things until it drives me insane. I'll start something and work really hard but then end up hating it, and have to put it aside for a while. I over think things to the point where I won't do it, or have a really difficult time making decisions."
"In past relationships I'd take on too much of the other person and put my whole life on hold. So In a way I did give up on myself. But I have grown so much through all of those experiences, and now wouldn't take on a relationship where I feel like I need to help or fix someone."
"I want to go back to pursuing my artwork. It's always been therapeutic and has helped me work through things. It's my way to meditate and show another level of my creativity."
"I used to have a fear of success; mostly when it came to my modeling career. I was so young when I started. I was confused about what success really means and anxious about how drastically it would change my life. Now I look at it as a way to help others; to be an inspiration, and show that pursuing a dream doesn't have to be scary. It doesn't matter how far you go with it...whether you're a huge worldwide success, or just famous in your hometown, it's how hard you work that truly makes you successful."
"I had anxiety since I was 12. My mom recognized it because she also has an anxiety and depression issues. So she took me to a doctor when I was young, which has helped me cope. Now I know how to deal with it when I'm feeling more anxious and depressed."
"Death is the most difficult thing I've dealt with. A few years ago a close childhood friend passed away really suddenly, and it was so confusing to me, especially because she was such a good person. I don't understand how this happens. "
"When I was younger, leaving relationships were lonely times, because I would give so much of myself, that when they ended, I felt really afraid to be alone...I think mostly because I didn't know who I was as an individual, and had very low self esteem at that time."
"Being a model, people look at my pictures and create a certain image of me. Then when I meet them, they see I'm normal and quirky and they get thrown by that. I try to not make modeling my entire life, and show that I'm just a down to earth person. Modeling is just one part of who I am."
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